My boyfriend and I just returned from a week-long vacation, built entirely around visiting Pennsylvania distilleries. (This means “the hard stuff,” not beer or wine — although we did manage to squeeze some of that liquid in, as well.) Since we live near Philadelphia, we decided to save those spots for a later time and focus on the farther-flung locations. Our journey consisted of over 1,200 miles, four campgrounds, seven distilleries, and other random stops along the way.

My hope is to share some of our experiences with you, should you be interested in doing some of the same, and to one day expand this blog when additional distilleries (both in and out of PA) are sampled. Hope you enjoy — cheers!


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  1. Sounds like you had a great time and what a great experience. I too like scotch – always single malt except I will do Johnny Walker Blue.
    You will have to travel to Kentucky for the bourbon trail. I am not a big on bourbon but working on it. You can also sign up with Makers Mark as an Ambassador. They will put your name on a barrel of bourbon and send you little gifts around Christmas such as sweater for your Makers bottle, shot glass, stir sticks, etc.Then when your barrel is mature and ready for bottling they notify you. You have a window of time to get there and pick up your bottles. You will dip it in the red wax and the label will have your name on it.

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