Day 7:

We had a camp-stove breakfast and got on the road. The final leg of our journey centered around spots in Lancaster. Since we arrived early, we continued to wake ourselves up at Mean Cup, a local coffee shop. I ordered the Dirty Girl, which was coffee and hot chocolate; it mostly tasted dirty.

For lunch and beer, we headed over to Lancaster Brewing Company. The BBQ chicken pizza was quite good and the beer was, too. We were basically killing time until Thistle Finch Distillery opened its doors at 2pm.

Their vodka was worth the wait (very smooth), and their space was super cool and industrial, but we spotted a roach on the counter and the waitress was in a seriously grumpy mood. They offer cocktails, as well, but we weren’t feeling the love, so we took our bottle and split.

…we will do an adventure like this again, just not soon enough!


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