Day 5:

A visit to see family in MD had the car aiming south, but first we had to see Fallingwater. (Wait, no…first, we hit up Bittersweet Cafe again!) At Fallingwater, It’s not worth paying the extra money to see the inside — the beauty is all in the outer area. Who wouldn’t want a waterfall flowing underneath their house (intentionally, that is)?! So cool to witness the way that family lived.

From there, we stopped at Ridge Runner Distillery. Here, the distillery is run by Christian Klay, while his parents run the vineyard (his namesake) across the street (the winery is just down the road). For those who enjoy wine, too, this would be a fun stop where you could easily hit two in one swoop.

Like the others, this distillery is just getting started, but the gal behind the counter was endearing and you could see the stills in action. We bought some moonshine and off we went! (They also do cigars, but we don’t smoke.)


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