Day 4:

Since we decided to spent a second night in Ohiopyle State Park, we used this day to explore the area further. Instead of cooking breakfast over the fire, we found the sweetest breakfast spot — a total gem! The service, food, and decor at the Bittersweet Cafe was incredible. The mom does the cooking and gardening, while her son takes customer’s orders and maintains the grounds. It’s so charming I could scream with excitement for this newly-opened treat. Order the breakfast special — you won’t regret it!

With full bellies, we then brushed up on our history at Fort Necessity and learned some interesting facts about G. Washington that I don’t remember learning in school. We also took a ride out to Mountain State Brewing Company (they don’t brew it there, but it still serves local beers and has some of theirs to gulp, as well). No distilleries today, but we had enough of a stash to keep us going anyway.


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