Day 2:

Off Route 6 is the Kinzua Skywalk, an old railway bridge that spans halfway across the Kinzua Valley. The bridge, in the early 2000s, was sliced in half by tornado-like winds; half of the steel bodies are mangled down below.

We set up camp in Cook Forest State Park, a great spot for all types of family fun, and quickly zipped over to Blackbird Distillery. Their moonshine is quite varied — many unique flavors to wake up your tastebuds — and the distiller’s wife puts on a show for all who enter, country accent and all. Although after talking a while, you realize that her background in PR and marketing play very well into her schtick. While we were hoping for more than just shine, we decided to buy two bottles to share with friends back home (Straight Shine and Apple Black). We also picked up some delicious smoked cheese for back at the campsite later that evening.

We wished we could see how the shine was made, but unfortunately that’s not part of the experience, as it was with most of the distilleries we visited.


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