Day 3:

On our way to Ohiopyle State Park, another great campground with great white-water rafting (but sub-par facilities), we hit two distilleries. First, we checked out Disobedient Spirits — by far our best experience at a distillery on this trip! It’s located in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, but the flavor and service are big. We met one of the owners, a retired IUP professor, and their marketing guy (bad with names, sorry). They were awesome. They shared a lot of information with us about how their process works, offered us a cocktail on the house, and donated some hard plastic shot glasses for our road trip. Best of all, of course, was that their product was excellent. We tried many, but ultimately we enjoyed and purchased their blue corn vodka, Maple House, and House Gin (much of which is already gone). The story of why the chose their name is pretty cool — read about them online or, better yet, go check them out! http://www.disobedientspirits.com They provided an authentic experience, on every level.

Second, we tried to visit Wigle Whiskey in Pittsburgh; however, the location we went to was closed. (It’s our fault — we accidentally went to the barrel house not the tasting room; make sure you don’t do the same thing.) Our buddy from Disobedient told us to check out Industry Public House along the way, so we did. To our delight, they served Wigle’s products, let us try them, and offered us outstanding food and service.

This day was the tops.


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